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Voice-to-code with aider

Speak with GPT about your code! Request new features, test cases or bug fixes using your voice and let GPT do the work of editing the files in your local git repo. As with all of aider’s capabilities, you can use voice-to-code with an existing repo or to start a new project.

Voice support fits quite naturally into aider’s AI pair programming chat interface. Now you can fluidly switch between voice and text chat when you ask GPT to edit your code.

How to use voice-to-code

Use the in-chat /voice command to start recording, and press ENTER when you’re done speaking. Your voice coding instructions will be transcribed and sent to GPT, as if you had typed them into the aider chat session.

See the installation instructions for information on how to enable the /voice command.

Aider v0.11.2-dev
Added to the chat.


Recording, press ENTER when done... 3.5sec

“ add a factorial endpoint that uses math factorial ”

Add a factorial endpoint that uses math.factorial.

To add a factorial endpoint to the Flask application, we need to modify the file.

Here are the steps:

  1. Add a new route /fact/<int:x> to the Flask application.
  2. In the function for this route, call math.factorial(x) and return the result as a string.

Here is the edit block for these changes:
<<<<<<< HEAD
if __name__ == '__main__':
def factorial(x):
    result = math.factorial(x)
    return str(result)

if __name__ == '__main__':
>>>>>>> updated

Applied edit to
Commit ef9e3e7 aider: Add a factorial endpoint that uses math.factorial.