Aider is AI pair programming in your terminal

Aider lets you pair program with LLMs, to edit code in your local git repository. Start a new project or work with an existing git repo. Aider works best with GPT-4o & Claude 3.5 Sonnet and can connect to almost any LLM.

aider screencast

Getting started

You can get started quickly like this:

$ pip install aider-chat

# Change directory into a git repo
$ cd /to/your/git/repo

# Work with Claude 3.5 Sonnet on your repo
$ export ANTHROPIC_API_KEY=your-key-goes-here
$ aider

# Work with GPT-4o on your repo
$ export OPENAI_API_KEY=your-key-goes-here
$ aider 

See the installation instructions and other documentation for more details.


  • Run aider with the files you want to edit: aider <file1> <file2> ...
  • Ask for changes:
    • Add new features or test cases.
    • Describe a bug.
    • Paste in an error message or or GitHub issue URL.
    • Refactor code.
    • Update docs.
  • Aider will edit your files to complete your request.
  • Aider automatically git commits changes with a sensible commit message.
  • Aider works with most popular languages: python, javascript, typescript, php, html, css, and more…
  • Aider works best with GPT-4o & Claude 3.5 Sonnet and can connect to almost any LLM.
  • Aider can edit multiple files at once for complex requests.
  • Aider uses a map of your entire git repo, which helps it work well in larger codebases.
  • Edit files in your editor while chatting with aider, and it will always use the latest version. Pair program with AI.
  • Add images to the chat (GPT-4o, Claude 3.5 Sonnet, etc).
  • Add URLs to the chat and aider will read their content.
  • Code with your voice.

Top tier performance

Aider has one of the top scores on SWE Bench. SWE Bench is a challenging software engineering benchmark where aider solved real GitHub issues from popular open source projects like django, scikitlearn, matplotlib, etc.

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Kind words from users

  • The best free open source AI coding assistant.IndyDevDan
  • The best AI coding assistant so far.Matthew Berman
  • Aider … has easily quadrupled my coding productivity.SOLAR_FIELDS
  • It’s a cool workflow… Aider’s ergonomics are perfect for me.qup
  • It’s really like having your senior developer live right in your Git repo - truly amazing!rappster
  • What an amazing tool. It’s incredible.valyagolev
  • Aider is such an astounding thing!cgrothaus
  • It was WAY faster than I would be getting off the ground and making the first few working versions.Daniel Feldman
  • THANK YOU for Aider! It really feels like a glimpse into the future of coding.derwiki
  • It’s just amazing. It is freeing me to do things I felt were out my comfort zone before.Dougie
  • This project is stellar.funkytaco
  • Amazing project, definitely the best AI coding assistant I’ve used.joshuavial
  • I absolutely love using Aider … It makes software development feel so much lighter as an experience.principalideal0
  • I have been recovering from multiple shoulder surgeries … and have used aider extensively. It has allowed me to continue productivity.codeninja
  • I am an aider addict. I’m getting so much more work done, but in less time.dandandan
  • After wasting $100 on tokens trying to find something better, I’m back to Aider. It blows everything else out of the water hands down, there’s no competition whatsoever.SystemSculpt
  • Aider is amazing, coupled with Sonnet 3.5 it’s quite mind blowing.Josh Dingus
  • Hands down, this is the best AI coding assistant tool so far.IndyDevDan
  • [Aider] changed my daily coding workflows. It’s mind-blowing how a single Python application can change your life.maledorak
  • Best agent for actual dev work in existing codebases.Nick Dobos