Images & URLs

You can add images and URLs to the aider chat.


Aider supports working with image files for many vision-capable models like GPT-4o and Claude 3.5 Sonnet. Adding images to a chat can be helpful in many situations:

  • Add screenshots of web pages or UIs that you want aider to build or modify.
  • Show aider a mockup of a UI you want to build.
  • Screenshot an error message that is otherwise hard to copy & paste as text.
  • Etc.

You can add images to the chat just like you would add any other file:

  • Use /add <image-filename> from within the chat
  • Launch aider with image filenames on the command line: aider <image-filename> along with any other command line arguments you need.


Aider can scrape the text from URLs and add it to the chat. This can be helpful to:

  • Include documentation pages for less popular APIs.
  • Include the latest docs for libraries or packages that are newer than the model’s training cutoff date.
  • Etc.

To add URLs to the chat:

  • Use /web <url>
  • Just paste the URL into the chat and aider will ask if you want to add it.