Aider with docker

You can run aider via docker without doing any local installation, like this:

docker pull paulgauthier/aider
docker run -it --volume $(pwd):/app paulgauthier/aider --openai-api-key $OPENAI_API_KEY [...other aider args...]

You should run the above commands from the root of your git repo, since the --volume arg maps your current directory into the docker container. Given that, you need to be in the root of your git repo for aider to be able to see the repo and all its files.

You should be sure your that git repo config contains your user name and email, since the docker container won’t have your global git config. Run these commands while in your git repo, before you do the docker run command:

git config ""
git config "Your Name"


  • When you use the in-chat /run command, it will be running shell commands inside the docker container. So those commands won’t be running in your local environment, which may make it tricky to /run tests, etc for your project.
  • The /voice command won’t work unless you can figure out how to give the docker container access to your host audio device. The container has libportaudio2 installed, so it should work if you can do that.