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Complete a css exercise with aider

In this chat transcript, the user asks about the open source CSS Exercises repo and completes an animation exercise.

$ aider

what is this repo?

Based on the file list provided, it seems like this repository contains a collection of CSS and HTML exercises, solutions, and examples. The exercises cover various topics such as Flexbox, Grid, Animation, Foundations, and Margin & Padding. The repository also includes images and other assets used in the exercises.

/add animation/03-dropdown-menu/

Added animation/03-dropdown-menu/ to the chat

Yes, I see the content of the animation/03-dropdown-menu/ file. It describes an exercise to add animation to a dropdown menu, creating a bounce illusion when the dropdown expands close to its final end state. The desired outcome is shown in a GIF file, and the hints provided suggest using the transform-origin property and adding an intermediate step to the keyframe at-rule to achieve the bounce effect.

Is there any specific change or improvement you would like me to make to this file or any other file in the repository?

can you make the changes suggested in the readme?

To make the changes suggested in the animation/03-dropdown-menu/, I need to see the contents of the following files:

  1. animation/03-dropdown-menu/style.css
  2. animation/03-dropdown-menu/script.js

Please provide the contents of these files so I can suggest the necessary changes.

Add these files to the chat? y

Apologies for the oversight. I see the content of the animation/03-dropdown-menu/style.css and animation/03-dropdown-menu/script.js files now. I will suggest the necessary changes to add the bounce animation to the dropdown menu.

<<<<<<< ORIGINAL
.visible {
  display: block;
.visible {
  display: block;
  animation: expand 0.3s ease-out;
  transform-origin: top;

@keyframes expand {
  0% {
    transform: scaleY(0);
  80% {
    transform: scaleY(1.1);
  100% {
    transform: scaleY(1);
>>>>>>> UPDATED

These changes add the bounce animation to the dropdown menu by creating a new keyframe animation called expand. The transform-origin property is set to top to make the dropdown menu start transforming from the top. The intermediate step at 80% of the animation creates the bounce illusion.

Applied edit to animation/03-dropdown-menu/style.css
Commit bb3a813 aider: Added bounce animation to dropdown menu.

that worked!

I’m glad the changes worked for you! If you have any more requests or need assistance with other parts of the code, feel free to ask. I’m here to help!