Example chat transcripts

Below are some chat transcripts showing what it’s like to code with aider. In the chats, you’ll see a varity of coding tasks like generating new code, editing existing code, debugging, exploring unfamiliar code, etc.

What’s happening in these chats?

To better understand the chat transcripts, it’s worth knowing that:

  • Each time the LLM suggests a code change, aider automatically applies it to the source files.
  • After applying the edits, aider commits them to git with a descriptive commit message.
  • The LLM can only see and edit files which have been “added to the chat session”. The user adds files either via the command line or the in-chat /add command. If the LLM asks to see specific files, aider asks the user for permission to add them to the chat. The transcripts contain notifications from aider whenever a file is added or dropped from the session.

Transcript formatting

This is output from the aider tool.

These are chat messages written by the user.

Chat responses from the LLM are in a blue font like this, and often include colorized “edit blocks” that specify edits to the code. Here’s a sample edit block that switches from printing “hello” to “goodbye”:

<<<<<<< ORIGINAL
>>>>>>> UPDATED